Demons: a poem

This is a poem I’ve just written in (about) 20 minutes as part of the 53 Million Artists challenge.

It feels scary putting something like this out there. But that’s how you win round your demons, right? ;) And doing it fast was great to just get creating and fly past the fear.

Hit the image below to listen, or read on.


I’m followed by a sizeable band
Of little people — not much larger than a hand

They undo me, unseat me, unsettle me too
As they whisper holes in my hope, beat my dreams black and blue

Whenever it’s least wanted, they give bad advice for free
But only I get to hear it — they’re my demons, you see.

I’m followed around by these fears of my past
And so I’ve decided to confront them at last

But as I look at them it scares me how present they always are
Like doctors of malice poking every old scar

At work, at home, meeting old friends or new
If I look scared it’s my demons — it’s them, not you.

I’m followed around by their screams, can I ever be free?
But then I think, maybe I should listen, after all they’re fragments of me

Why try to outrun your shadow, it takes every step you do
Dark sticks to light, each makes the other true

So demons, faithful companions, maybe you’ve been misunderstood
I feel it’s time to make friends — I reckon you’re here for good.